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my name is lauren. nashville, tn. 23. i'm a college student pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine. i have an older brother who is a US Marine. i have three cats & a pup, they're my babies. i love to write, & i love to read. i'm also very interested in psychology and philosophy. i have been through a lot over the years. i have severe chronic pain in my legs. i live in pain every second of every day, and i have since my accident Christmas of 2009. health problems have really held me back from pursuing my dreams the past few years but things have balanced out. questions? ask!

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crazy cat lady
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He is still hanging on… Though it won’t be much longer til he’s gone.

I’m gonna miss you, daddy.

I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger…



My friend David had his ID stolen the other day
now we just call him Dav 

I’m so mad

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You look kind sad in this one - but your hair looks sensational.
I’m conflicted :)

Thank you ^_^ I was trying to do a cute “pouty face” but failed of course :)
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My dad was just admitted to the ICU at Summit. He is septic. Not looking so good.

Please pray or send good vibes or whatever it is you do. Because I can’t lose him. I can’t!

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Darren Wilson’s jury
9 white
3 black

number of votes needed to get him off
9 out of 12

Coincidence….Um no.

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Well We got a pretty good deal on this guard frog.
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Last year, a 17 year old friend of mine robbed a convenience store at gun point while on drugs. The cops picked him up a week later and he resisted arrest. He spent about 3 months in jail before getting out. He was allowed to go back to school and he graduated on time. He’s going to college this fall.

Mike Brown “allegedly stole” something. He surrendered. And he got shot. And he died.

In case you were wondering, my friend is white.

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George Bush doing the ice bucket challenge thing is really unsettling to me because it’s all over my dashboard right now and I truly don’t understand why people on this website now seem to think of him as America’s goofy uncle that does bad paintings you do remember who he is right?

The irony is that he spent his years as president water boarding people.

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Cancer is fucking everywhere.
I just found out tonight that a long time family friend has passed away after a long battle with cancer.
He was very close to my grandparents and my entire family, really.
I grew up calling him Uncle Tommy.


Fuck cancer, I’m so done.

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