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my name is lauren. nashville, tn. 23. i'm a college student pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine. i have an older brother who is a US Marine. i have three cats & a pup, they're my babies. i love to write, & i love to read. i'm also very interested in psychology and philosophy. i have been through a lot over the years. i have severe chronic pain in my legs. i live in pain every second of every day, and i have since my accident Christmas of 2009. health problems have really held me back from pursuing my dreams the past few years but things have balanced out. questions? ask!

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crazy cat lady

I saw a shooting star tonight. Of course I made a wish! I know it’s just a meteor shooting through the sky, but maybe it’s a sign from my daddy. It was beautiful.

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Bout that time to start deletin mother fuckers. Smh.


Our town paints fire hydrants. 2014’s theme is books! Here is their ode to John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars.
The artist for this hydrant is Paul Siegfried.  It’s located on the corner of Jefferson and Warren St, Huntington, IN 46750. Presented by the Huntington Arts Initiative, this year’s theme is Book, Look…and Listen!

File under Things I Did Not Anticipate While Writing TFIOS.

My heart is still soo heavy it hurts my chest to hold it up and it’s soo hard to breathe. Ugh. I’m sitting outside with the pup smoking a cig while she plays wondering 1. Why the fuck am I still smoking cigarettes when I just lost my dad to esophageal cancer? 2. Why the fuck did my dad have to die? 3. What do I do now that he’s gone?

One day at a time. I think I’ll go write him a letter.

I miss you dad
8-8-56 - 8-31-14

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Here’s Lola today.
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when you think you have $1 but you actually have $10


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Some days are like this…
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