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my name is lauren. nashville, tn. 23. i'm a college student pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine. i have an older brother who is a US Marine. i have three cats & a pup, they're my babies. i love to write, & i love to read. i'm also very interested in psychology and philosophy. i have been through a lot over the years. i have severe chronic pain in my legs. i live in pain every second of every day, and i have since my accident Christmas of 2009. health problems have really held me back from pursuing my dreams the past few years but things have balanced out. questions? ask!

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crazy cat lady
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I really miss my two kids when I’m gone at school. (I hope to photoshop this into a hilarious Christmas card.)



I gotta questions for the ladies who are out here getting their asses eaten.

If you want a man to eat your ass, do you just ask him or do you wait until he’s eating your pussy and kind of just nudge him down there or what?

Do you kiss him after he eats your ass?

I ain’t get good answers on this

I don’t let anyone eat my ass like just no

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By Instinct Film


i love this so much


I need this

what a story
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Damn LA, you have quite a bit of smog. #csphotoinLA  (at WWW.CONNORSURDI.JP)


look at that dog trying to help

Why she lookin at her brother or friend or whatever so mad like he invented the electric beater and gave her long hair and no concept of kitchen safety …
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LITTLE ODIN by johnsgp
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Mondrian inspired Homer & Marge wine bottles  designed by Constantin Bolimond.
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Especially late night