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my name is lauren. nashville, tn. 23. i'm a college student pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine. i have an older brother who is a US Marine. i have three cats & a dog, they're my babies. i love to write, & i love to read. i'm also very interested in psychology and philosophy. i have been through a lot over the years. i have severe chronic pain in my legs. i live in pain every second of every day, and i have since my accident Christmas of 2009. health problems have really held me back from pursuing my dreams the past few years but things have balanced out. questions? ask!
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crazy cat lady


when kids don’t listen to you and think its funny to disobey what youre telling them


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I’m usually that person who has no idea what’s going on

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Tips for clearing the dreaded double feed malfunction.
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mom: how r u doing in school??

me: image

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Hello beautiful Saturday in downtown #Nashville (at batman tower)
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There’s a reason why Neil deGrasse Tyson’s views on race are completely overlooked and why even I was never aware of them until recently. Science nerds will make a billion photosets and quotes about the new Cosmos and speak on everything Neil gets into even the science of…

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